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Here you will find a list of homeschool resources and co-ops for the state of FL that we have curated specially for our homeschool families. Please note that, at this time, this list is exclusive to FL.

Source: FPEA

This informative and helpful guide is a great tool for any parent who is new to homeschooling, or new to Florida. With steps and links to guide you through the process, this is everything you need to know to get start the homeschool process in Florida.


Area: Hillsborough County

At Tampa Bay HEAT you can keep your children active and engaged. With a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, from sports, to drama, to photography, and a number of others, TB HEAT is an excellent place to connect with other homeschool families.


Classical Conversations

Area: Nationwide

The goal of Classical Conversations is to:

  1. Provide compelling, influential Christian leadership in the home-centered, classical education movement.

  2. Provide weekly classical, Christian communities that hone students’ academic and classical skills of recitation, logical thinking, and persuasive rhetoric.

  3. Provide Parent Practicums across the United States that empower parents to teach any academic subject classically.

  4. Provide a curriculum framework with a Christ-centered worldview while engaging the current culture in which we live.

  5. Partner with like-minded businesses to provide quality products and services for families.


Overflow Fine Arts

Area: Hillsborough County

Middle and High Students who participate in Overflow Fine Arts have the opportunity to discover and sharpen their gifts while discovering the heart of worshipping God through the use of them. Throughout the year students work on performance pieces that they will ultimately take to a Fine Arts competition in Orlando each April, with an opportunity to advance to the National level in August. 

Elementary Students who participate in the Fun Arts program have fun every week, learning songs, choreography, drama, and art for twice a year productions. 

Overflow Fine Arts also offers seminars, specialty classes, and private lessons for all ages.

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