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Whether it's your first time buying or selling a home, or you've been around a few blocks, we are here to help maximize your savings in every area of the buying or selling process. 


Read a little more about how we got started, or start your own journey with us by clicking below.

Our Story

Ronnie and Sarah Rivera have been homeschooling their four children for the past 12 years. They are also the founders of Covenant Realty, a Florida Real Estate Company. They have been blessed with the opportunity to help numerous homeschool families buy and/or sell a home. Ronnie and Sarah understand the unique needs of homeschool families and have designed the Homes For Homeschoolers program to meet those needs while giving clients the opportunity to save thousands on real estate transaction costs.

Ronnie & Sarah reside in Lithia, Florida. They are actively involved in their homeschool community and love to travel, spend time as a family, and serve others. They live their life to the fullest and are always looking to be a Christ-focused family in everything that they do.  

Our Timeline

April 2017 - Established

May 2017

December 2017

April 2018

Homes for Homeschoolers was established in Lithia, Florida by Ronnie & Sarah Rivera. Homeschooling their four children and understanding the real estate market, led them to crating this unique program.

First Homeschool family was served.

A total of 5 homeschool families served.

Local recognition was given for the Homes For Homeschoolers program. A total of 10 homeschool families served.

June 2018

December 2018

January 2019

February 2019

July 2019

December 2019


2021 was launched.

Application for trademarks were submitted. A total of 15 homeschool families served.

Covenant Realty, Inc. was launched as a Florida Real Estate Brokerage to help expand the Homes for Homeschoolers program.

A total of 3 affiliates joined the program.

Homes For Homeschoolers becomes a registered Trademark.

Over 12 affiliates joined the program.

Over 22 homeschool families served and over 15 affiliates joined the program.

Over 28 homeschool families served and over $68,000 in savings to these families. 17 affiliates are part of the program.

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